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A great number of us held, penned up in some kind of detention facility. Walls were like old, beaten steel, with benches to match protruding. We were all seated, shackled together side-by-side. We were all found for the same reason. Everyone detained in these chambers had an ability of some kind. The guy next to me could fly. The guy across from me was super strong. Flying guy apparently already knew what I could do.

"You're going to come out of here not knowing your ass from your elbow, man! You're surrounded by us - what are you going to do??"

I knew what he was talking about, but it was too late, and I'd already begun to blank out. I woke up in a van.

We were driving to an abandoned gas station to pick up some food. We'd need it for the events to come. Some people became heroes here, and come became villains. A bit of a random draw kind of deal, mixed with each person's own particular orientation. Ontop of that, ordeals were placed within the area limits - like, bombs and the what not. The villains would try to see to it that these catastophes occurred, while the rest of us tried to stop them.

Wherever we were, though, it wasn't designed for us. It was like we were all just dumped into the projects somewhere, so the locals just had to deal with us - make the games more real and all that. I was still reeling form the holding pens, and couldn't tell what I could even do. The people I was with told me to relax, and that it would come in time. When we got to the station, we grabbed some food and got moving. I had an inkling to fly. So when I tried, I took off and left the others behind - sort of an accident.

I landed in a mall with sections missing from the walls. More of the non-players, the locals, were gathered here. Which is probably why there happened to be a bomb planted in one of the department stores. I met a woman in an emerald green costume. I guessed shed been playing a while longer than I had, which is why she had built an alter ego. Or just an ego. Either way, she seemed famous around the area, like the local hero. So she decided to handle the bomb and told me to stay put. I talked to some of the locals and told them I was a new hero, and they told me that a villain was seen coming in from another direction. So I ran a few steps and leapt to fly - only to end up with my face in the dirt.

They all laughed, but I was mortified. The one ability I'd found I'd taken, I lost. So I turned to run after the strong lady, passing my friend Moises on the way. He was dressed like a space pirate and had a very large gun in his hand. He was also apparently the leader of a gang. He said they were villains, but his heart wasn't much in it. He let me run off in the lady's direction. When she saw me, she instantly cried, "I lost my strength! Can you fly??"

It was as though, when I saw her looking helpless, I started floating again. The bomb was incredibly heavy, but after being around her, I could lift it. She told me that she was the only one she'd seen break through a power-outage. I told her it would be fine and flew off with the bomb in tow. I was readying to throw it out the window and into the sky, but then I woke up.
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On August 26th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC), violetdusk commented:
Oh yay, it's like you were playing CoH or CoV and you were Rogue but not female, but probably just as awesome, for sure, and you didn't have to leech the life out of people to get their powers.

That, my friend, is an awesome dream.
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