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My Piss Smells Like Burned Coffee - A Story of Dot Diebold

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Carry a torch to light the way and give rise to shadows! Snuff it out, stumble around. Have a good time - and if you feel like you're going to vomit, just spit like a camel and take satisfaction in knowing you hit the darkness every time.

He spends the most of his days there at the Academy, tending to that that needs tending to. Rest of the time, he wanders off to the Archives or down to the Lab. A solitary example, but productive nonetheless. No one really knows what he's doing at any point, and sometimes he asks himself the same question when he's walking by a hello. Occasionally impulse takes hold and he jets off world to start trouble. He likes to say he goes looking for it, just to sound cool to the kids, but it finds him just the same.

Meditations are frequent, but they always seem to come out sideways. It's hard to tell though, when a guy can't figure out a relative point of comparison in the first place. So he sleeps in a crypt lit by candles and hopes it establishes some kind of inspiring environment, but it mostly just makes him think of Sarah McLachlan, or maybe the Crow - which just makes him consider moving to a higher place in a taller building. Then he just gets antsy wanders off again.
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On September 20th, 2007 04:53 am (UTC), miss_shelley_p commented:
Awesome prose.

Thanks for posting.
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