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I moved into my parents' basement. That night lightning struck our house.

The night before I'd had dreams of screaming electricity away from an overloading reactor to myself. It was like lovers reaching for one another as we were being torn apart.

I've carved a queerly-curtained niche for myself down there now, and have grown rather fond of it.

Been hanging out with my brother's friends without him. Kind of weird. Though I do get to repeatedly trounce on his pathetic drinking stories. I am an alcoholic.

Got a job at a Clinic. Hours of learning today about charts. Makes some sense. Must implement tomorrow.

Use facebook too much now.

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So I got this tradition I made the world start almost twenty-four years ago, on the twenty-eighth of July. I try and con as many people as I can into supporting it. Okay, really, it's only for badasses and only if I think you are a bad enough dude will I let you through the door - but it's still good to see as many people trying as possible.

It just so happens that the twenty-eighth of July is this Saturday, and it just so happens that my tradition has maintained through the years thusfar. As such, I am beginning the Dominus Solstinox at Five oClock pm, just before the arrival of the witching hours, when we will commence the intoxicating lubrication of any dry bunnies in the vicinity of the Secret Station.

If you think you are a bad enough dude to potentially save a good president were he or she to be kidnapped by ninjas, and subsequently feel like you belong at the commemoration of the twenty-fourth iteration of the Dominus Solstinox, then contact me, and I will tell you the location of the Super Secret Station.

Good luck.
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The funny part is, I used to play bass for one band, now I might play synth for another.

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He would think hippies are stupid too.

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When I stay up with a girl until 5.30am when she leaves and I'm left to sit up and watch Gackt videos, I would call it one of my more ideal evenings. However, I also found out that a rhino of a human being hates me because his girlfriend broke up with him on my account like two months ago because she had a thing for me and then told him so now I'm to blame. Actually, she asked me just before she broke up with this man whether or not I liked her at all. When I said yes, she went and destroyed their relationship. This tells me that she'd been wanting to do it and I made a really good excuse. Nothing ever really came of this situation save for our continued friendship and then her being single. Now I am subject to the misplaced distain of a dangerous, dangerous man. Sigh. At least Gackt never starts drama in my life. But seriously, that guy is like a motherfucking kung fu master and could really honestly probably kill me with his bare hands if he somehow thought it was a really good and viable course of action.
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I was awoken at 7am today so I could clean myself up and go to the flea market. I hate being woken up at my folks' place with things to immediately tend to, but only because of morning wood. I always have to come up with ways that I think are clever to not showcase my half-hearted boner. You know, I'm just not even sure why I wake up with them. Most of my dreams involve world catastrophes, zombies, or just really mysterious and creepy environments. Actually, I'm not going to think any more into that. I totally saw a naked chick in a dream once.

Once again. I was awoken at 7am today so I could clean myself up and go to the flea market. We spent like, 5 hours walking around in the dust, but I totally got like, a nonstop supply of pop and two good meals out of the deal. Not to mention BEAUTIFUL WOMEN EVERYWHERE. I was like a poor [I typed poop the first time] kid in a candy store. Except the candy was women and money was significant others. However, victory ensues as I managed to dominate and that place's cashe of antique eyeglasses and goggles. I came home with two pairs of civil war era eyeglasses, a small pair of industrial WWI eye protection goggles and an old pair of what may have been motorcycle goggles. Then I got a really nice little jade statue for 2/5s its listed price because the lady thought I looked good in the glasses I just bought. Then when I looked up from the statue, I spotted a baby-sized life preserver that said "Welcome Aboard." They sold it to me for 8 bucks and I giggled at the thought of hanging it over my bed or possibly just off my trousers. It rained at one point at the place almost fell into mob hysteria. It was amazing to watch. Through my goggles.

No word on my bag yet. I'm just going to assume it lost forever. I'll just have to start over! And people always wondered why I never wrote my shit down.

Well, I will now, but I'll just have lots of separate copies.
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No matter what happens, one day you will be dead. Fancy a fag?
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Who else feels like it is grammatically appropriate to write "an LJ post," when you would otherwise be saying "a Livejournal post"? It's funny, but it still makes sense. BY THE NUMBERS, TROOPS. BY THE NUMBERS.

Anyway, I hope everyone feels comfortable with the lives they are living nowadays.

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Conductors have one of the biffing coolest jobs out there, seriously. I mean, they get to stand with their backs to a huge audience like, "whatever, I have cooler things to do, obviously [as exampled by the exhibition of the tails]," then proceed to effectively tell huge amounts of people what to do by waving a stick at them and subsequently nearing a standing seizure, depending on just what it is he wants them to do. Not only do they listen, but they make some pretty generally awesome sound because of it. Moreover, these people often get quite winded and red in the face while dressed in their evening refinements at the behest of the wand-waving madman facing them, and that is funny.

So you, as the Conductor, stand as the general of sound, back to your enemy, waging war against the tastes of your audience with the wave of a wand, quite possibly the tap of a foot, a jig of the shoulders, and the well angled position of your elbows. All this and you don't even have to do your hair.

I think I want to be a Conductor.

I probably still just really want to be a wizard. ;-;
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