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So this one time

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Three years went by and suddenly I remembered [again] that livejounral.com was a thing and that I was a thing on it. Hello and here I am. I am here. For how long and until when next I forget remains to be seen.


I went to Korea for a while to teach children a mockery of the English language but spent an odd and unforseen amount of time in quarantine. Then I started making friends and having a lovely time drinking wine on the weekends writing poetry with the Men of Waste. I realized that I was quite happy and was being rather productive and creative. Then my dad had a heart attack and four strokes. I flew home to stay with him as he lay comatose, being consumed rapidly by a staph infection. We made the decision to take him off life support. He died several days later. Then about twenty hours later, my grandmother died. We drove to Michigan and buried her and then I flew back to Korea. It was an incredibly awesome two weeks. Following that, several months later I entered into a bad idea of a relationship, spent several more months brooding and being a terrible boyfriend, then we flew home and broke up. On the flight home, I lost the one jacket I ever loved.

Following that, I did a bit of wandering about states and having no particularly interesting jobs before flying to Los Angeles to stay with my brother. We helped write, produce, and put together a web series called Video Game Reunion. We shot for two weeks in Los Vegas, I acted as the production coordinator, Ninja Gaiden, and random artwork contributor. We returned to LA to continue shooting pick ups, where I did more art stuff, and realized that I had a great deal of fun being as many random roles as possible. Somewhen in there, I started dating our makeup/SFX girl, moved in with her, spent a great deal of time being drunk, eventually realized that she hated everything I loved, and then we parted ways. After which time I began working more or less full time with VGR's director, doing various art based tasks, design work, and writing. Sometime between two sentences ago and that last sentence, I also started into a phenomenal depression the likes of which I had never precisely experienced before. This led to the general erosion of all of my confidence and sense of personal well being. Meanwhile, back in Chicago, I arrived via jet airliner to preside a wedding for two very dear friends. At some point during my visit, I managed to Hiroshima an old friendship while making bedfellows with a friend I would never have thought to approach in such a way, who also happened to be the recent ex girlfriend of the aforementioned "Hiroshima-ed" friend. Later, I landed back in Los Angeles. Soon I took a job bussing tables at Club Icon, which would have actually been quite fun were it not for the three hour commute into the city. Which would have been a twenty minute commute any time I wasn't trying to get to work. I quit, despite being rather good friends with my boss.

Some time in between working my way out of said mind numbing depression and starting work at Icon, I traveled to New York to stand in my oldest friend's wedding. On the train ride up, I discovered in the course of an unexpected telephone call that the woman I've been pining over for the last six years since we sailed together on a pirate ship was at that moment on a trip to Portland, Oregon to sell that very same boat to some nutty kept folks with a large lake. Not only this, but that she was scheduled to fly into Boston the very same night that I was scheduled to fly out of New York. Naturally, without telling anyone, I called Virgin Airlines (two thumbs up and a smile) and rescheduled my flight to LA from Boston for a week and a half later. Revealing this new plot twist to my oldest friend, I discovered through him the existence of a Chinese Death Bus circuit that runs all along the east coast for the low low price of fifteen dollars US and the slight risk of death. In the meantime, the wedding was stunning, we danced excessively and drank an obtuse amount of Scotch. The next day I, friend's sister and her boyfriend got to the train back to NYC with enough time to sprint or miss it. Our conversation on the train turned into my speaking with something like an Irish accent which I of course got stuck in. This of course drew the attention of everyone else in the train car, who all, when sister and her boyfriend got off the train two stops before me, decided would start a conversation with me. They all became very helpful in my navigating a way through the subway system, where after getting lost not once, I met a group of four mid-thirties Australian punk rockers. This quartet helped me crawl out into the light of Chinatown, where I could board the death bus to Boston.

The bus ride was actually quite serene and pleasant. No one bothered me. I wrote. Then I arrived in South Station, convinced everyone there I was Irish, got a bartender to charge my phone against bar policy, and had a red haired waitress tell me what bars to go to. Then I bummed a smoke from a Korean guy that only spoke broken English because he was born and raised in, you guessed it, Germany. That's when an old lady from the bar came out, told me her husband was "also from Ireland" and helped me wander aimlessly downtown, where I found a comic book store. From there I found a street corner to stand on in the rain just long enough to receive a call coming from that very same girl I had previously mentioned concerning years of pining who happened to be in a car that happened to be driving down the street I was standing on. The car swerved to the curb, I hopped in the back seat, and we sped away.

The next week was spent being awesome, catching up, and realizing that we're stupid and took way too long to see each other. I flew back to LA to help write [Super]VGR season 2, do more VGart, and go to a Comikaze panel we got invited to. Then we got a new sweet warehouse office for the production company and landed a gig building a Resident Evil Umbrella truck for Sony for the new movie release. So I designed all the interiors for this and spent a freakish amount of time sleeping in that massive office because I had a thing for writing there until dawn. At some point we got drunk with the Minibosses. At another point I did storyboards for a RE miniseries we were extremely close to doing, but which got kaboshed by jealous marketing executives.


Now I'm living in Stratham New Hampshire making art, doing designs, and writing on commission. And now I'm going to urinate and go to bed. It's been really great catching up with you all.
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On July 21st, 2012 05:44 am (UTC), the_nibert commented:
You beautiful bastard.
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